4 Reasons Indoor Plant Hire Can Impact Your Workspace

4 Reasons Indoor Plant Hire Can Impact Your Workspace

We spend a lot of time indoors, working while sitting in front of screens. Throughout, we face certain situations like added work pressure and irritable mood swings and hence become coffee addicts to feel recharged. This becomes our usual habit at work leading to feeling unproductive, negative, mentally sick, and contemplating whether we need this job or not. It gets noticed when corporate companies start facing a high rate of employee turnover and sick leaves. This not only affects the company’s goodwill but raises questions on the going concern of a business in the future with added competition. Don’t worry; nature’s got your back. 


Nature calms us in the best of ways. From beautiful flowers to green plants, everything about nature allows us to feel relaxed in the midst of a crowd of people. This makes adding plants to the workplace the right thing to do. Plants provide color and life to your desk. They are calming and uplifting. In general, they help people become more relaxed, serene, optimistic and focused while also reducing their levels of stress.


As you are now familiar with the reasons why indoor and outdoor plants are required in any space, let’s discuss why hiring indoor plants & outdoor plants is better than buying them outright. This will save your company from an added expenditure and an extra effort of maintaining them. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should hire indoor plants for your workspace.


Drives Productivity


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Productivity plays a crucial role in motivating employees to work hard enough to meet company goals and objectives. When it doesn’t come from inside, external factors are adjusted to give that boost to employees. The work environment is one such thing among them. Companies place plants on the work desks and in the corners in order to make the workspace great enough to increase the productivity of employees. 


All of us know that plants and humans have a symbiotic relationship in which we both rely on one another for survival in order to maintain our health. Because of this, even fleeting glances of greenery can help your staff unwind, focus better, feel less worn out, and experience less stress and negativity. The best part is how simple it is to improve the efficiency and well-being of your company and its employees; even the smallest areas of the building may be turned into a green zone.


It is also proven by the research done at the University of Exeter in the UK which states that Plants increase creativity by 45% and general health by 47%. The same study also revealed that plants improve your capacity for focus and concentration, resulting in increased productivity.


Moreover, plants also reduce stress, making the employees fulfill their job obligations more effectively.


Improves Indoor Air Quality


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Good indoor air quality should be a need more than a privilege at work. This is made possible by bringing plants inside the workplace. Plants continuously clean the air around you by removing unpleasant contaminants from it and circulating new oxygen around you. Your employee’s health, which is affected by the amount of pollution they are exposed to, can be fixed with the presence of plants around them. This not only saves the human cost of protracted sickness but also work time and productivity.


Numerous NASA studies have provided evidence for this, with one from 1973 showing that different types of houseplants may be utilized to remove volatile organic compounds from the air.


Improves Company’s Image


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A company’s reputation is built over years. From achieving the goals to delivering good quality products and services to offering a safe work environment, an immense amount of effort is put into creating an image. It won’t be wrong if we say that building and improving your company's image can be the single most essential component in its success.


We know that employees are an asset to the company and hence offering the right work environment is the key goal that companies work on. Indoor Plants are used to brighten up the workspace and offer an environment that feels like home. The presence of plants increases people's perceptions of the company as reliable, hospitable, stable, well-managed, and considerate of their employees and customers. Indoor Plant Hire will improve the company's reputation by highlighting its dedication to sustainability.


Furthermore, the color, texture, and vibrant hues of the indoor plants add brightness to the workspace producing a warm, natural aesthetic that appeals to both customers and staff, resulting in the company being known for its vibrant office space.


Improves Employees Well Being


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A major part of a company's success is dependent on the well-being of employees. Plant hire for offices works in this favor by increasing your level of positivity and providing a tranquil feeling without adding much burden to the expenses. Workplaces with living plants frequently report lower sickness and employee absence rates as a result of better air quality and a low-stress environment. Workers may take time off for reasons related to their physical and mental well-being. Your employees won't be reporting to work sick as frequently.


Additionally, they lower employees' feelings of suffering, stress, and negativity, which has a negative effect on performance and productivity. It is safe to say that by eliminating volatile organic compounds from the air and lowering rates of dry eyes, nose, and throat as well as respiratory infections and irritations, indoor plants provide significant health advantages.