6 Benefits of Short Term Plant Hire

6 Benefits of Short Term Plant Hire

Planning an event is a huge task that comes with several responsibilities. Among all, offering a welcoming environment to the guests remains to be the one on top priorities. It would be accurate to say that the ambiance created for the event plays a crucial role in it. Therefore, while selecting furniture & decor for your event, make sure to include plants to add the right aesthetics. 

Plants offer a feeling of freshness to the location, whether you're organizing a wedding, a sizable exhibition, or a corporate conference. The problem is if you purchase all of the plants, what are you expected to do with them once the event is over? 

Therefore, hiring short-term plants seems to be an ideal solution here. Our short-term plant rentals service allows you to hire plants in Dubai to meet your green needs if you want plants for any corporate event or partner summit without spending a significant amount on their purchase. This is a smart move for reasons highlighted below.

Luxurious and High-Quality Options

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When looking for plants for an event, the first thought that comes to your mind is selecting plants of high quality. The problem arises when you don't have the budget to buy premium-quality plants. An ideal solution here is to go for short-term plant hire. It is not only less expensive but also gives you the opportunity of choosing better plants for your event.

The best part about it is that the plant rental providers give you a number of options. This saves you the time of making weekly visits to choose a plant. From choosing the plants for a stunning backdrop to the ones needed at the entrance, you get to select the best plants for your event in a short-term plant rental service. 

Plants that Suit Your Event

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Plants, which have become an essential part of any event’s setup, are picked according to the event. You might believe that a specific plant will look good in that corner just because it is attractive, but being honest, plant selection entails more than that. It would be pointless to green your setup only to add aesthetics. Thus it is essential to select the one that suits the event, whether it is a brand launch, collection launch, VIP event, gala dinner, New Year's party, or a corporate event. You can get professional guidance on the ideal plants for the event and several premium and chic options for exhibition hire plants in Dubai. 

Obtain Best Design Tips

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You shouldn't just choose any plant randomly and put it in a corner because it meets the requirements of making the setup look aesthetic. We can give you design suggestions that will maximize the available space at a setup and add beauty to it. If you are an event planner, you might not need our tips, but if you have little knowledge of plants, we are here to make your event memorable with our advice. 

Hassle-Free Delivery

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A large-scale event involves a lot of moving parts and can be a demanding task. This is why it's such a blessing to know that with plant rental, you must choose the plants and wait for delivery. These companies will take care of everything to eliminate the inconvenience of carrying plants to the event. All you have to do is select the plants; once the team gets there, they will arrange them for you and pick them away when the event is over.

Cost Effective

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The cost of purchasing plants for an event can be high. The cost  doesn't justify the need to have plants for a few hours for an event. Furthermore, the maintenance cost of the plants add up every month. When you hire rather than purchase, you only pay for what you use and when you use it without the need to maintain the health of the plant. Hiring eliminates the extra burden on the budget while adding the right kind of aesthetics you need in an event or exhibition.

Fresh Condition

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We provide contract plants and will trim & prune the plants before they are delivered, place them in sizable pots, and make sure they look impeccable for your occasion. This will prevent you from worrying about the plants looking fresh at an event. Furthermore, this will save you time, and your guests will be delighted to see these lovely plants.

Using short-term plant hire services is an easy and efficient approach to brightening up your event location. Get your plants for hire in Dubai if you're ready to try these services. Blooms Dubai is offering short-term hire plants of premium quality. We are pleased to provide you with various solutions to complement your business & corporate events.