A Guide to Choose and Send Fabulous Get-Well Soon Flowers

A Guide to Choose and Send Fabulous Get-Well Soon Flowers

Ailment or illness is certainly not a pleasant state to be in. Being in bed for extended periods, staring at the walls for hours make one feel hopeless about life. Whether the illness is chronic or not, it drains one’s physical energy & positivity towards life. In this time, positive words, unconditional love, and an immense amount of support from the person's loved ones can be of great help. It not only hastens the healing process but also gives the strength to fight the illness.

Sometimes, when you fall short of words and you need that extra little help, sending flowers to empathy and support helps a great deal. It is a kind of action that instantly makes one feel better about themselves. Fresh flowers have a very tangible positive impact on people's morale which helps them heal them quicker. When these flowers are kept in a hospital room vase or set on the walls, the room lights up and adds colors to the boring plain walls which the person may be  exhausted from seeing for several days. It is safe to say that flowers cheer one up in the best way possible that words may not be able to do. 

There are absolutely no bad options when it comes to sending flowers. Any kind you provide will be loved and warmly appreciated. But the question is, what is the criteria for choosing the flowers that can convey your message of wishing for good health to your loved ones? Below are the points you must consider to ensure you select the ideal get well soon flower arrangement for a sick loved one.

Long Lasting

Any flower you pick to send to a loved one who is unwell should be long-lasting. The whole focus of the people taking care of the patient should not be dedicated to keeping the flowers fresh. Get a get-well-soon flower bouquet that does not require much maintenance, as the longer the flower's life, the prolonged effect it will have on your loved one.

Bright and Vibrant

Every flower has its meaning and symbolism attached to them. From white flowers used at a wedding to red flowers associated with love, we have flowers sorted for every occasion and emotion. When selecting one for a sick loved one of yours, make sure they are bright enough that a quick glimpse at them makes their eyes shine and their mood happy as never before. The primary goal should be to cheer the person up. In this case, yellow sunflowers work best. They don’t just give a joyful energy but also add warmth and  brightness to the space. 

Small and sweet

A room where the patient is staying is where there is not much space to keep many things. This is why the get well soon flower you select should not be huge and can be maintained easily in the room without much space. A floral arrangement with little flowers wouldn't hurt the caregiver and wouldn't take up more room, and in this way, the blooms will also shine out.

Allergy free

Many people are allergic to flowers but figuring out who is and who is not is a hectic task. The best thing to do is choose flowers that are straightforward but elegant. Some of them include lilies, roses and daisies. When put correctly, they form unique bouquets that are beautiful enough to lift ones mood. 

The Best Get Well Soon Flowers

We would like to tell you about the flowers that you can send to a sick loved one without having a second thought in your mind. 

Yellow Sunflower

yellow sunflower

Yellow Sunflowers radiate happy vibes. The light color of this flower is reflected in our eyes by its petals. Sending them as get well soon flowers to your loved ones will make them feel good about themselves. 

Red Roses 

red roses

Roses have always been the most loved flowers. They have always been a great savior, from proposing your lover to apologizing for yourmistakes. These beautiful flowers can be given to someone who is ill or unwell. A bouquet full of red roses not only shows your love but also expresses the concern you have for them.



These common spring flowers have blooms between 5 and 7 inches wide, making them a more unusual option. They are the ideal symbolic thing to send to a sick loved one because they represent recovery and good health and they are absolutely spectacular to look at.



One of the perfect flowers to let your loved one who is ill know how much you care for them is to send them get well soon blossoms, which come in various gorgeous colors. Carnations are an excellent choice in this regard since they give hope. We at Blooms Dubai provide a wide variety of vibrant get-well-soon carnation bouquets.

Yellow Tulip

yellow tulips

Yellow Tulips are the most well-known and stunning flowers that express your love and care for someone. These flowers are perfect for expressing sentiments for an ill loved one.  

Blooms Dubai offers a list of several flower bouquets and arrangements available for same-day flower delivery that you may give as gifts. All of this work will be incomplete without one thing: a note. Don't forget to include a heartfelt message expressing empathy and genuine concern for your loved one during these trying times.