Best Flower Gifts for Men: A Complete Guide

Best Flower Gifts for Men: A Complete Guide

Flowers communicate the most profound feelings elegantly. From appreciation to an apology, they connect people with every emotion. We have often seen men send flowers to women to show their love and sincere feelings. Most of the gift deals for women you will see will have flowers as the top priority. But when it comes to gifting something to a man, the gift options are restricted to clothing or footwear only. There is a societal stigma that flowers do not make for a good gift for men. Trust us, they do!

Flowers are suitable for all of life's occasions and every gender. Every man in your life, whether your father, spouse, lover, son or brother, deserves to feel loved and know how much they mean to you. Sending them flower gifts that are customized and made for them is a nice gesture to express your emotions or congratulate them on their special days. But we often find ourselves unsure about the selection as most of the floral arrangements or gifts may appear overly feminine. Do not worry, for we’ve got you covered.

Blooms Dubai has been in the flower business for years. We have done everything from making elegant bouquets with white lilies for weddings to setting a flower basket full of red roses made for a proposal day. We are excited to deliver the best flower gifts for men, which is why we give you the following recommendations.   

Flower Bouquet

flower bouquet for men

A flower bouquet is the first and foremost gift in one's mind. It is one of the most well-liked gifts. While gifting one to a man, we make color our top priority and confine pink for girls and blue for boys. Let's keep this mainstream thinking aside and pump up the new concept of flower bouquets for men, not depending on color but their personality.

Everybody has a unique personality and the most thoughtful way of selecting the right kind of flowers is to give one that matches the style of human they are. The guy who likes to be the life of the party deserves a flower bouquet with daring colors, while the one who's silent but has a kind heart would love to get a monochrome bouquet. Not to forget the ones who make everything better with their smile, as they deserve a bouquet from the brightest sunflowers.  

Blooms Dubai offers a variety of flowers, including tulips, hydrangeas, lilies, roses and others from which you can choose from deciding the color and kind of bouquet you want for that remarkable man in your life.

Infinity Rose

infinity rose

The majority of us love receiving and giving roses. But what makes us sad is not being able to keep them for long as they only get dried within a few days. What if we tell you that technology has a solution for this? The preservation technology has made it feasible to preserve them and named them infinity roses. They appear genuine and have been designed to last years, not just days. They merely require light dusting to maintain their lovely color and don't require any watering. So, the ideal option for bringing any man in your life one long-lasting joy would be to send them a beautiful box of everlasting roses.

Infinity roses are displayed in a box. From selecting the color of the rose to the kind of box you want, every choice should be made keeping the guy's preferences and type in mind. Select the color and packaging combinations that include the box's shape, size, and material, and then leave it to us to create art and make it the ideal present for that remarkable man.

Flowers in a box

flowers in a box

Flowers in a box have become popular in recent years since there is no need to put them into a vase. They come in different sizes and forms, including square, round and heart shapes. This is the most presentable and ideal setting of flowers that can be given as a gift to that remarkable man. A special event like father's day, your brother's birthday, or any big day in the life of that precious man in your life can be made memorable by gifting him a flower box.

An expert florist boutique like ours ensures delivery in the bud and care instructions for each flower box. Select the flowers you want, and then we will take care of the rest. At Blooms Dubai we care for our customers and make timely deliveries of our flowers so they are farm fresh when you receive them..

Dried Flower Bouquets

Dried Flower Bouquets

People love to keep flowers for a long time, especially when given by a loved one. But as we all know flowers wilt, petals fall and the color changes. What if we have a solution for it? Get a dried bouquet.

Dried flowers are becoming more and more popular among flower enthusiasts due to their lifespan, economy and all-encompassing beauty. Giving a dried bouquet to the man you want is an excellent gesture of telling him that just like the long-lasting life of these dried flowers, you also wish your bond with him to be this much longer.