It's a Boy! & It's a Girl! Flowers

It's a Boy! & It's a Girl! Flowers

A new born baby adds happiness to everyone’s life. That moment of excitement when you hear 'It's a boy!' or 'It's a girl!' delights everyone around us! From the newly become parents to the new born’s relatives & to every person who’s related to the baby, everybody finds it difficult to contain their excitement to hold the little one in their arms.

While everyone is busy rushing to see the newly born, what is something unique you can do to celebrate the arrival of the little one in style? Bring a bouquet of fresh flowers to add some colour, love and happiness to the happy occasion.

Choose from the vast collection of New Born baby flowers here at Blooms Dubai. You’ll be surprised to see the variety of flowers we offer specially for this occasion. 


Is it okay to give flowers on the birth of a newborn?


Absolutely! Flowers are an excellent way to send your best wishes to the new joyful parents. Along with baby boy balloons you can also send flowers for the new mom. This will not only be a pleasant surprise but will also convey your love and affection to the new mom. You may let her know that you are there for her in this life-changing event of her life.


Is sending baby flowers a thoughtful present for a new parent?


Sending flowers on the birth of a newborn is a considerate, polite and positive way to congratulate new parents. When people are bringing diapers and food, make sure to go for flowers as it will be remembered more than anything else. You can select flowers from the categories like congratulations flowers for new mom and newborn baby flowers available on Blooms Dubai’s website. The flowers you send will also keep the room fresh by their fragrance, in which the mom and baby would be staying for the next few days after delivery.  


Flowers for the Newly Born Baby Boy


What kind of flower bouquets can you give to the parents and family of a newborn baby boy? Well, you can choose from the hundred’s of unique bouquets we have to offer here at Blooms Dubai. Ranging from red roses to yellow roses, from blue hydrangeas to yellow tulips, from pink lilies to sunflowers, the list just goes on. We also create custom made bouquets with special requests, just get in touch with us on whatsapp and we’ll take care of the rest.


Flowers for Newly Born Baby Girl


All colors of pastel and pink are known to be the ideal ones when shopping for flowers for a newborn baby girl. From tulips to carnations to roses and lilies, all these flowers are available in a shade of pink or other pastel colors. You may choose from any of these beautiful flowers for the parents of the new born angel.


What flowers are appropriate for newborns?


A newborn’s skin is very sensitive. Certain flowers that look beautiful can cause discomfort to the newborn’s skin. Here are some flowers that are safe to have around them.


  •         Daisies
  •         Sunflowers
  •         Marigold
  •         Hydrangeas
  •         Tulips


Do we send flowers for baby showers?


Baby shower is an occasion in which you celebrate the arrival of the newborn weeks before the delivery due date along with celebrating the woman who’s about to become a mom. Subtle decorations are done including a table and a backdrop customized as per the event. All this setup looks incomplete without baby shower flowers from Blooms Dubai being placed on the table. We make the most elegant baby shower flowers bouquet & flower arrangement and ensure timely deliveries.


Send flowers through us


Blooms Dubai being an excellent flower shop has a beautiful collection of flowers that are picked to make the freshest of flower arrangements. We do new born baby boy & girl flowers delivery in Dubai according to the time and day you request. Order now!