Plants Rentals in Dubai

Plants Rentals in Dubai

Plants rental service for events and exhibitions in Dubai

Blooms Dubai transforms your space using a selection of trees and plants for any event in Dubai. We are experts in the plants rental space and know exactly what it takes to bring your event to life. We recommend pots & plants that meet the theme of your event. Be it big or small, indoor or outdoor we have plants for all needs!

We give a design consultation and estimate when you contact us for your plants rental service for any event or exhibition in Dubai. We know precisely how to assist you in producing a flawless event at any given location.

Office Plants for rent in Dubai                                                                                       

We provide eye-catching plant displays for offices and other business spaces in Dubai customized as per the available space. Our plant rental service allows you to make your company a little greener and increase the amount of clean air on a reasonable budget without worrying about plant maintenance issues.

Our team, responsible for taking care of the plants, will make periodic visits to your office to water, prune and to care for the plants. This is all part of our plant rental service. In addition to the timely maintenance, we also keep switching plants according to the season.

Live Plants and trees for rent in Dubai

Make any space welcoming, warm and colorful with our extensive collection of beautiful rental plants and trees for special events. For indoor and outdoor events, you can hire a broad selection of plants, trees and other greenery from Blooms Dubai. Contact us and get our live plants and trees on rent and under budget for your upcoming event.

Plants for rent for weddings in Dubai

We understand the struggle of selecting a décor that works well with the wedding theme. Blooms Dubai offers potted plants that can give your decor a new and unexpected aspect, whether they serve as the centerpiece or are merely an addition to the floral arrangements used on your wedding day. We intend to offer plants like Yucca and Areca Palm that could be used in packed rooms, open areas, and other wedding settings. Add freshness and beauty to your weddings by getting plants on rent from us for this big day of yours.

Workplace indoor plant rental service

We help you choose the ideal indoor plants for your workspace. Our huge range of indoor plants have plants of every shape and size that make your workspace look more productive and enjoyable for the staff. The indoor plants we offer include desk plants, hanging plants and floor plants both in small and large sizes.

Our workplace indoor plant rental service comes with additional benefits. This includes design consultation, where we suggest the plants evaluate the available light and space after visiting your site. Expert Installation is also a part of this service where the chosen plants are installed without causing a disturbance to your daily operations. The most important one is the indoor plant's maintenance service, in which we make periodic visits to do detailed plant care. 

Houseplants for rent in Dubai

House Plants work best in making you feel familiar with a new house. Whether you live in a large estate or a one-bedroom apartment in Dubai, our collection of house plants has everything you need to add life to your interiors. Get a house plant on rent from us and give your house a little makeover. 

Arecas for rent in Dubai

Areca Palms are one of the most popular indoor gardening plants that suit the rooms with lots of natural light. These vigorous plants are best for removing toxins from your home, providing a tranquil environment to live in. We offer these plants for rent to be kept in your house or office in Dubai without spending a considerable amount.