Share Happiness With The Best Dubai Chocolate Gifts

Share Happiness With The Best Dubai Chocolate Gifts

Godiva Chocolate

Chocolates are everyone's go-to treat when it comes to making someone smile. The sweet and joyous flavor and the intense aroma of chocolates are enough to brighten up an ordinary day, making them an ideal gift for important occasions. From sending them to a loved one on their birthday to the long lost friend to rebuild the friendship, to a family member on a festival and to a lover to reassure your love, chocolates never fail to make individuals happy. Blooms Dubai now offers premium Belgium chocolates from the well-known chocolatier Godiva in Dubai to fulfill all your gifting needs.  

Win the hearts of the people you love and surprise them with delicious chocolates wrapped and arranged with love in a box, basket or hamper. Choose from our extensive collection of Godiva chocolates and send them to your loved ones across Dubai, arranged by the experts at Blooms Dubai.

Best Chocolate Gifts

Chocolate is one of those desserts loved by people from every culture and country. No matter where you are, its sweetness bonds people, allowing them to express their emotions and share happiness unimaginably.  

Giving a packaged chocolate box of fine treats is one of life's simple yet precious pleasures. This is why we at Blooms Dubai have chocolate gifts for every relationship in your life.

Chocolate Gifts for Sister

Sisters are our best support through every thick and thin of life. To the pure soul who wants nothing but the best for us, send her a delicious chocolate gift box to make a lifelong commitment to love and protect her. A dark chocolate box by Godiva will be the perfect gift to be delivered to your sister.

Chocolate Gifts for Girlfriend

Falling in love is easy, while staying in love is not. You need to keep reassuring the love you have for the best girl in your life, and for this, there is no better way than sending a perfect chocolate gift to her. A chocolate gift box paired with a red roses bouquet will be the best choice of gift for your girlfriend.

Chocolate Gifts for Friends

Friends never turn their back on us and lift us up when we fall. How beautiful it is to have such people in your life. Blooms Dubai understands the essence of friendship and recommend you gift a personalized chocolate box of Godiva with an attached note to cherish the existence of your friend.  

Chocolate Gifts for Men

Men are often considered to be the least emotional human beings. But in reality, they are the most sensitive ones who keep every emotion to themselves. To acknowledge the unmatched strength, hidden feelings, pure soul, and immense support of the best man in your life, give him a chocolate gift. The mini royal collection by Godiva is an ideal gift for him.

Chocolate Gifts for Parents

Words and efforts will never be enough to appreciate our parents. No-one loves you if you answer back, talk too loudly, throw tantrums or give honest opinions except your parents. To the people who made us reach where we are today, it is essential to recognize their efforts. Sharing a chocolate box is the bare minimum we could do, and for that, a box of chocolate-dipped strawberries will be the perfect pick.

Chocolate Gifts for Children

Children are soft by heart and feel every emotion deeply. It is essential to make them feel loved and appreciate them on their small milestones. This gives them confidence and make them positive human beings while growing up. Whether they learned how to swim, scored their first football goal, or washed their dish after the meal, they must be appreciated. A Ballotin box by Godiva having different-shaped chocolates paired with a toy is an excellent gift combo for children.

For Every Occasion, There is Chocolate!

When it comes to gifting, different individuals all around the world have different expectations. One gift, though, appears to transcend all tastes, and everyone in the world is always happy to receive chocolate. Godiva seems to be the most preferred Dubai Chocolate among all the other chocolate brands. It has chocolates for every occasion.


A birthday is the perfect day to show your love and appreciation to a loved one. Whether it is your little daughter's birthday or a friend’s, what's a better gift than a beautifully arranged Godiva box of strawberries covered in chocolate? Add a fresh flowers bouquet with the strawberries to make a statement.


This bright day calls for a priceless wedding gift you should give a loved one. When everyone around you is confused about the wedding gift, go for a box of chocolates or delicate truffles by Godiva. 


Christmas looks incomplete without people exchanging gifts with their loved ones. With the delicious Godiva chocolates available, do you still need to look for another Christmas gift? Buy a box of creamy Godiva chocolate this  Christmas from us at Blooms Dubai.


Celebrate in style, whether it's your 25th or your Grandparent's 50th Wedding anniversary, with delicious anniversary chocolates from Dubai's top chocolatier Godiva.


There's no better way to wish a fresh graduate than with a Godiva chocolate basket decorated with flowers. Blooms Dubai makes sure to make this arrangement in the best way possible. 


Have any of your loved ones bought a new house? This is your sign to go to their  housewarming with a  gift of chocolates and a decoration piece for their new place. 

Women's Day

Women's day is an occasion where we celebrate the heroes in our life as they deserve all the love and appreciation that we might forget to give on other days. Send a chocolate hamper with an appreciation note to brighten her day on the next women's day through Blooms Dubai. 

Father's day

On June 21, Father's day is celebrated in the UAE. We at Blooms Dubai have a fantastic collection of father's day chocolates packaged in special boxes or baskets to celebrate the cool guy in our lives, our father.

Send Godiva Chocolates Arranged with Love from Blooms Dubai

Packaging is crucial when it comes to gifts. The presentation of your gift will make all the difference. The best chocolates in Dubai by Godiva are arranged in elegant boxes, baskets, bouquets, and hampers that exude luxury and elegance. Choose one from below as the perfect present if you want to leave a lasting impression.

Chocolate Boxes

You may have the most pleasing surprise with the Godiva chocolate gift boxes. They are loaded with delectable gourmet chocolates that win over even the most demanding crowds.

Chocolate Bouquet

A chocolate bouquet has gained popularity in the past few years for all the right reasons. It offers the best combination of a bouquet with delicate chocolates. Experts at Blooms arrange the Godiva chocolates in the best way, creating a presentable chocolate bouquet.  

Chocolate Hampers

Our chocolate gift baskets are the ideal substitute for individual bars and selection boxes. Choose the chocolate gift hamper that best meets the demands of the person you want to send from various attractively packaged shapes and sizes.

Chocolate Basket

Delivered chocolate presents are perfect for someone who enjoys chocolate on special occasions. We care for these chocolate lovers and design exquisite Godiva chocolate baskets to make your events more memorable.

Personalized Chocolates

Getting chocolates customized is something done for the most precious people in life. The customization options include getting your name engraved on chocolates or a picture on the wrapping paper to make your loved one feel even more unique.

Let Blooms Dubai do the Best Chocolate Pairing For You

Chocolate and Roses Combo

Roses are known to represent love and affection. When they are paired with chocolates, it results in a deadly combo that can be given as a romantic gift.

Chocolate & Mugs Combo

Send your loved ones a customized or trendy mug with the chocolate of their preference on any special events to leave them with pleasant memories that will last a lifetime. This is the most suitable gift combo to be given on a teacher's or sister's day.

Flowers and Chocolate

Pick any flower of your choice and the chocolates you love; we will pair and arrange them in the best artistic way possible.

Chocolate Facts You Have Never Heard Before!

Here are some interesting chocolate facts we thought you would find interesting.

  • White Chocolate isn't regarded as chocolate as it lacks cacao liquid or solids.
  • Chocolates are not bad for your teeth, as consuming pure cocoa has been proven to reduce tooth decay.
  • The milk chocolate recipe was created over eight years.
  • The discovery of chocolate chip cookies was wholly accidental when Ruth Wakefield believed that by including chocolate bits into her cookie dough, she would produce chocolate-flavored cookies.


Do we offer same-day delivery?

Yes, we deliver the love sent in a wrapped and packaged form, aka chocolates, within the same day it was ordered.

Can I specify a time for my chocolate delivery?

Yes. Specify a time and then trust us to get it delivered even before the time.

How do you know if chocolate is good?

Check if it's giving you a sensory experience or not. This means that its aroma is good enough to make you crave it, or the taste is good enough to leave an imprint of that chocolate in your mouth.

What is the best way to store chocolate?

Store it in a cool, dark, and dry place, far from things with solid scents like peppermint or soiled socks.