Top 5 Flowers for a Wedding Bouquet

Top 5 Flowers for a Wedding Bouquet

A wedding is a big day in the life of a bride and a groom. It is the day they unite with their lifetime companion and take their relationship to a new level. From the bride’s wedding dress to the groom’s boutonnière, from the wedding dècor to the venue, everything shines the brightest on this day. When hearts are full and ready to accept the new relationships in their lives, one thing that plays an essential part in any wedding is flowers. Flowers can be seen everywhere at a wedding, from the wedding flower bouquet to the aisle during the ceremony & the exquisite floral arrangements used as table centerpieces. They play a significant role in setting the mood & ambiance of the wedding. Flowers serve as both a means of expression and a design element.

bridal bouquets

Flowers at a wedding used in bridal bouquets can genuinely affect the bride's attire, regardless of the dress and the makeup. This is why you will see soon-to-be brides browsing bouquet after bouquet and getting ideas for bride wedding bouquets of colorful roses, rich garden purple orchids  and other vibrant flowers.

Our florists use several flowers to make the most exquisite bouquets for weddings in Dubai. Flowers like roses that represent love, tulips that spread aesthetic vibes, orchids with a calming smell, hydrangeas that bloom in summer, and chrysanthemums that complete the look of every décor are the best options that never disappoint. 

You've seen your fair share of wedding bouquets and must still be clueless. No more confusion now as you have Blooms Dubai with you, a flower shop that understands your vision. We have professionals who understand the specific design you want to accomplish, along with the expert knowledge that will guide you in selecting the ideal blossoms for your wedding.

We have rounded up some information below related to the flowers that you must consider either pairing with your favorite flowers or using alone for your wedding flower bouquet.


red roses

Rose is an obvious choice in fresh flower wedding bouquets. They come in many colors to go with any color scheme, and their form is eye-catching. You may design a stunning and distinctive bridal bouquet for your wedding day using the vast range of color options offered on the market. Depending on your wedding's theme and color scheme, you can add different kinds and shades of roses.



Orchids are exotic flowers that give each floral arrangement a distinctive touch. These flowers that are known for love, elegance, and beauty are preferred the most by couples. They come in a range of colors, including white, pink, and deep purple. From traditional to modern weddings, orchids are the perfect glamorous flower to be added to your wedding bouquet. 

However, people have gone the extra mile in creating creativity with the use of orchids at a wedding because of their exquisite sherbet and pastel tint petals. We, sticking to the fresh flower arrangement bouquets, assure you that adding this contemporary classic flower with various hues won't disappoint you. 



The delicate and lovely flowers, none other than Hydrangeas, are renowned for having large blooms that look like beating hearts. It is difficult to deny the beauty and elegance these flowers add with their large flower heads that come in various hues, including blue, pink, white, and purple. Hydrangeas always work in the best of favors for making lovely bridal wedding bouquets, with two or three of them being enough. 


tulip bouquet

Tulips are so much more than the stereotypical kind you're probably picturing in your brain, much like many other flowers we've highlighted. This flower is known as the most adaptable flower. The existence of tulips in weddings adds enhancement to its contemporary and aesthetic style. From fringed tulips to the ones having twice as many petals as a typical tulip to the Rembrandt ones, which have lovely crimson streaks running down their petals, this flower has a lot to offer. Free yourself from the fear of the flower getting broken by using tulips, the unbreakable flowers in your wedding bouquet. 



Chrysanthemums are a straightforward yet elegant choice for a bridal wedding bouquet. This flower grows in a variety of shapes, including daisy-like blooms, ornamental pompons, and buttons. These simple yet charming flowers have taken center stage for their conciseness and sensitivity among different flowers. Chrysanthemums being fluffy and brilliant flowers with their wide range of variety, symbolize a different meaning for every type. Whether you pick the pink one that is known for signifying honor and love or the yellow ones that make you remind of all things happy and sunny, chrysanthemums prove to be the best addition to a flower arrangement for a bouquet. 

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley is one of the most liked flowers, and its popularity has undoubtedly increased. These delicate flowers, with their white and green stalks, are perfect to use in a centerpiece or an exquisite bouquet. Moreover, these flowers being available in a wide range of hues, including orange, pink, yellow, and other colors, makes them the perfect flowers to be considered for a summer wedding. 

We hope you can now make a mindful decision while selecting flowers. Once you choose, approach us at Blooms Dubai, known for making fantastic flower arrangements for every wedding bouquet, including bridal bouquets or wedding gift flower bouquets. We only use the freshest of  flowers to design and construct spectacular flower arrangements for your big day!