Why must we celebrate Father's Day?

Why must we celebrate Father's Day?

Father’s play a critical role in building a family. A father is a role model, a mentor, a superhero, a friend, and a protector who is always there for his children. He works tirelessly day and night to fulfil the dreams of his children. A father, often called the ‘head of the family’, is the most important member of the family. He sacrifices his own goals in order to provide his family. While fathers may occasionally struggle to articulate their unconditional love for their children verbally, their actions always speak loudly.

When is Father's Day in Dubai, UAE?

Father’s Day is celebrated on 21 June in the UAE. It is the best day for a child to express their love towards their father and to appreciate all that he has done for them since their childhood. Father’s Day is an important occasion that gives one the opportunity to make their father feel loved and appreciated.

What is the best gift for Father's Day?

It is not only an expensive pen or the latest gadget that will make your father feel truly loved. Gifting your father something as simple as a fresh flower bouquet is sufficient enough to bring a warm smile on his face. Sending flowers on Father’s Day is the least one can do to show their love towards their father. After all, flowers speak louder than words and express far more than any other gift can.

Father’s are the ones who instil in us the values of life, who pick us up when we fall and provide us with the strength to fight again. It is only right we acknowledge and honour all their sacrifices on this special day.

When is Father's Day celebrated internationally?

Father’s Day is observed on various dates throughout the world, but in Dubai - UAE, it is celebrated on the June 21. Globally, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June.

Send Father's Day Flowers in Dubai, UAE

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